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Metabo Power tools

Metabo - The craftsman's brand.
Power tools built by professionals for professionals.

     Metabo history numbering three quarters of the century since 1924, and that is, first of all, history of finding new ways of manufacturing a very wearproof and longeval products. Name of Metabo since the day of  foundation lately has turned to trade mark with world name in territory of electrical tools with representation in more than 100 countries.

    Company attends to design of professional electrical tools. Company developed next kinds of tools: In 1955 – first serial impact drill; In 1950 – first handle electrical sander; in 1951 – first scraper machine; In 1952 – first keyless geared Futuro-chuck; In 1969 – first electrical automatic adjustment for handle drill; and in total more than 500 of other warrants and industrial samples.

    Professional electrical tools  should withstand great overloads  during  a  long time rather than tools for home use, which mostly used only on short periods of time. That is why Metabo machines designed for purpose of withstanding mechanical overloads and during extremely long time. Many units content a very of the firm or strengthened components. Additional modules protect from premature deterioration. Thus there are significant differences which are not conspicuous, but are very important at performance of works, connected with intensive deterioration of the tool.

    Metabo range  totals  approximately 200 of different  kinds of electrical tools and allows to create more than 100 varieties applied for optimal decision of any problem. Metabo tools suit the requirements on comprehensive use both in not professional work at home, in the yard and the garden, and strict requirements on resolving industrial and trade specific problems, for long work in hard conditions and on construction, in repair shop and industrial company.

   Great variety of different opportunities of electrical tools application demand appropriate machines with specific picking and right accessories.   Right selected header for twisting and wrenching the screw without head destruction  is  such  a crucial factor like an optimal saw disc for sawn material, or quiet high torque for successful wimbling of big diameter.

New product:
Accumulator tools based on Lithium-ionic technology.

Li-Power Up to 40% less weight,
Up to 40% more work,
Up to 100% more cycles

    Accumulator Li-Power gives about on 40% more specific energy than NiCd accumulator. In this regard it’s on 40% lighter then previous accumulator systems.  Storage block a pressure 18 V and accumulator capacity 2,2 weight only about 700 gr, thereat usual  NiCd- or NiMH-block – more than a 1 kilo!

    And that’s not all: in consequence of reduced self-category charge accumulator Li-Power is able to give full charge even after long storage, and in the time of charging there are no memory and effects (decrease of response). Besides accumulators Li-Power as against NiMH-accumulators  without a problem work in temperature range from –20 °C to +50 °C.  Storage block AIR COOLED-Li-Power a pressure 18 V from Metabo works twice longer then NiMH-block of the same pressure.

Perfect hammer - P´7911.


    Final result of cooperation between Porsche Design and Metabo. Centrality on the main functions such as: usual drilling, drilling with impact, slotting. Aluminum and carbon body with revolution ergonomic. Perfect fusion of aesthetic and hard-line quality and not just external glitter: there are very proof components inside for the very hard exploitation conditions. Can be used for work with all the materials: stone, span tree, metal, concrete.

You can download  P´7911 prospect  here >>  

Metabo Stend On all list of tools “METABO” 3 (three) years of work is guaranteed,
Service-centre  for  repairing  and  service  of  electro,  pneumatic driven tools and welding equipment as well Metabo” is located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. ;
Certificate of company Metabo - http://www.tehno-trest.ru/eng/metabo_e.htm>>
 XXL - The Metabo 3 year warranty>>


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