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Industrial tools and equipment.

"Tehno-Trest"M LLC - the official dealer of various companies in territory of Far East region brings to your attention certificated by the international and Russian standards equipment of below-mentioned manufacturers at the price of factories - manufacturers. We are going to present you the tools and equipment that will be of real help for you while performing such activities as:

Repair and installation of oil and gas pipelines

● Shipbuilding and ship repair

● Steel structures manufacturing, assembly and dismantle

● Bolts torque tightening

● Maintenance and repair of all kinds of the equipment

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POWERMASTER (Bombey, India) - manufactures and distributes worldwide following tube tools: Equipment used in the fabrication and maintenance of tubular apparatus like heat exchangers, boilers, condensers and coolers, high pressure hydraulic tools, manual torque spanners and multipliers, impact sockets.

POWERMASTER catalogues:
Hydraulic Torque Wrench.pdf>>

POWERMASTER tools in "Tehno-Trest"M" office

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Germany - the company which is letting out the professional electro-driven tools for building and installation works (drills, screwdrivers, punchers, angular and direct grinding machines, vacuum cleaners etc.), and also all scale power tool for wood work.

All necessary information on production "Metabo"is placed on an official site of this manufacturer: www.metabo.ru

Service - centre for repairing and service of electro, pneumatic driven toolsand welding equipment as well Metabo is located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Metabo certificate - http://www.tehno-trest.ru/metabo_e.htm

On all list of tools METABO 3 (three) years of work is guaranteed;

The novelty of Metabo line products accumulator tools on base of lithium-ionic technology.
Li-Power batteries have bigger efficiency at smaller weight. And it is not all:
In consequence of reduced self accumulator Li-Power is able to give full charge even after long storage, and at its charge there is no memory or
weariness effects (Decrease in feedback). Besides accumulators Li-Power as againstNiMH-accumulators workwithout problems in temperature range from -20C to +50 C. New accumulator blocks Li-Power approach to any tools of generation AIR COOLED.

More in detail about METABO>>

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EQUALIZER Scotland range of precise, labour-saving alignment tools will eliminate risks associated with traditional flange alignment practices. Simple, safe, modern solutions for linear or rotational misalignment of fixed flanges. Mechanical and hydraulic flange spreading wedges are arguably the safest available combining a revolutionary interlocking first step mechanism and deep step design for secure and simple flange separation. New Zero-Gap II flange spreaders use unique patented expanding collet technology for safe separation of flange joints. http://www.equalizerinternational.com/

THE-EQUALIZER tools in "Tehno-Trest"M" office

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BW Technologies by Honeywell
(Calgary, Canada) - one of the leading tools manufacture in the world on detection of gases gas analyzers and gas monitors.

BW Technologies by Honeywell tools in "Tehno-Trest"M" office

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TRUMPF Switzerland - the world leader of manufacture of pneumatic and electric cutters for metal, thickness up to 10 , beveling machines for removal of facets from rectilinear and curvilinear surfaces by preparation of an edge under welding, and also fastening power tool;

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